Clash Royale Glitch - Unlimited Free Gems

Clash Royale Glitch - Unlimited Free Gems



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What is a Clash Royale Glitch?:

As they say, the Clash Royale Glitch happens when you do specific steps that when followed, will give you a Legendary Card after it's done correctly. The steps are somewhat time-consuming but we'll share it to you so you know and you can try it yourself too and don't forget let us know about it.

  • Get a Magical Chest but before you open it, free all three chest slots.
  • Open your Magical Chest.
  • Open 11 Silver Chests.
  • Open 2 Gold Chests.
  • Wait at least 24 hours and don't do anything on your Clash Royale app.
  • Open 2 Free Chests.
  • Open 1 Silver Chest.
  • Open 1 Free Chest to get your Legendary card!

Is it really true?:

There are some players who argue that they got their Legendary Card because of this glitch and of course some are skeptical and think this is a hoax. To be honest, Legendary Cards are very hard to come by especially if you're at a low arena because the number of cards you get from a chest is low too. If you are already in the Legendary Arena you will get the maximum number of cards for each chest and you can also buy cards you want from the shop. It is a matter of pure luck. Now, it is really up to you to try this glitch out or not. It is not asking for money anyway.

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